App Features

The mobile app has been designed with the objective of engaging the parish community on a more regular basis as versus a Sunday to Sunday interaction.


Church Bulletin

Publish your Bulletin and let your community read it on their smartphones.


News & Announcements

Publish news / announcements using real-time push notifications and mails.



Allow your parishioners take the message home and live it… share your articles and liturgies


Groups & Ministries

Let the world know about the various activities the church does through its people



Create polls on the real-time and check the sentiments of your parishioner. Make a collaborative decision.


Daily Messages

Publish a verse from the bible or a nice quote to lift the mood and set the pace of the day of your parishioners.


Faith Formation

List all activities done by the Church to build faith among its parishioners...


My Community

Post job opening or someone donating their furniture or a senior seeking assistance...



Let the app serve as a platform for your parishioners to search for their soul mate.


Prayer eBooks

Your prayer book whenever you need It.


Digitized Bible

Now read your bible on the go...


Service / Mass schedule

List the church mass / service schedule.


Events Calendar

Create and invite your parishioners to come and join events


Trivia and Quiz

Informative quizzes and fun trivia to engage your parishioners and applaud the champs


Daily Reflection

The Priest can send out a message to his parishioners to reflect and meditate on something which reflect the true spirit of Christianity


Affiliate Services

Showcase business affiliations with options to list companies and associated organization. Can serve as a possible avenue for additional earnings for the church, the proceeds of which can be utilized for some of the many causes supported by the church


Church Leadership

List the leaders of the church with their pictures and let the congregation know about their pastors.


Your Groups & Blogs

Create & Join group(s) and communicate with your members like the way you communicate in whatsapp. Manage group members and moderate messages. See trending topics within the groups , feeds etc ; Share messages to your social network and invite other members to join your group(s)


Push Notifications

Send real-time push notification to your parishioners, no limit


Mail Connect

Send mails to your groups or to all the church members, no limit


Church Map

Map that help you with detailed directions to direct you to the church


Social Network

Build your reputation and visibility on Social Networks like Facebook, twitter


Audio & Video

Upload podcasts, songs, hymns and videos to your members... People will love hearing and watching this at their convenience


Live Stream Sermons *

Stream your sermons to a bigger group who couldn't make it to the church building. * This feature is an external add-on and not part of the core features.


Prayer walls

Allow your parishioners to submit prayer requests to the Prayer Wall.


Manage repositories

Repositories of the myriad of topics discussed or penned by clerical doyens can be stored and shared.


Intuitive and Easy Admin Interface

Easy to use admin console for managing all your data; Just 3 clicks and you will learn how to use the console.


Bible Stories

Stories for your little ones; reading biblical stories is simplified


Opinions and Blogs

The members post their thoughts and invite discussions


Donations *

Donate for a cause or pay your monthly subscription

User Registration

Main Screen..


Intuitive Admin Interface - Your apps are white labelled


Why an app for the church

Your budget is tight.
Totally agree. So is everybody’s! That’s all the more reason for you to cut your communication and printing costs to a fraction of your current spend! Smartphones and apps provide myriad of options to communicate with your members, instantaneously. Send bulletins or any other communication directly to your member’s phone. Let them access it at their will.

Your congregation is busy…
…and yet attempt to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy… and are very willing to overcome the daily distractions to set aside time be involved in some church related activities. App features like push notifications, events that save to the calendar, daily messages from the Bible enables churches to communicate interactively with their busy congregations through the week. Mobile apps have the ability to function as your digital accountability partner to those that are willing to be involved.

Your congregation is already using smartphones..
With the world moving to smartphones, prayers, bibles, sermons, hymns have all found their way to the screen. A huge percentage of the population already use their phones for such content while they travel to work or resting at home or sitting at church! The popular Bible app YouVersion has been downloaded tens of millions of times in 100 languages worldwide. Yes, our world is moving fast, having happily embraced the smartphone as its primary communication medium. They are ready to embrace an app to remain connected to their church!

About Us

We are passionate in delivering excellent user experience to our partners


Our Philosophy

Deliver what the end customers will appreciate


Our Mission & Vision

Bring a change in people lives and build a vibrant christian community


Our Values

Innovate and bring value to your users

Through Alpha and the Omega App we intend to build the same Christian community which existed couple of decades before, a united, caring and serving community.

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Our Pricing Plan

We assure you success and will work with you till you and your parishioners are fully engaged and our objectives are met

Full Pack

per month
  • All the above listed features
  • Access to all new features
  • Submit New feature request(s)
  • Free data setup
  • Free training & Support
  • SLA based support

Premium Pack

per month
    • All the above listed features
    • Access to all new features
    • Submit New feature request(s)
    • Free data setup
    • Your own app in Google Play Store
    • Your own app in Apple Store
    • SLA based support
    • Free training & Support

Custom Pack

per month
    • Suitable for 20K + Members
    • All the above listed features
    • Access to all new features
    • Submit New feature request(s)
    • Free data setup
    • Your own app in Google Play Store
    • Your own app in Apple Store play
    • SLA based support
    • Free training & Support


per month
  • Suitable for less than 500 members
  • Access to all basic features
  • Donation is not available
  • Only Email Support
  • Free data setup
  • Free training & Support


* Donations and Live streaming incurs basic setup costs
* Google and Apple charges are applicable for placing the app in their stores.
* Church Tax Exemption documents would be required to setup donations

Latest News

Watch this section for new features and feature requests in pipeline

Bible Stories for kids

Expected to be available by End of November, 2016


Expected to be available by End of December, 2016

Book Church Facility

Expected to be available by End of December, 2016

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